First Nursery school 2011                    

                                        Above pictures Nursery school Nge Kidi Village, Kitgum Northern Uganda February 2011

                           Involving the community in decision making                                              

Picture 1 : Meeting at Paibwo village regarding the proposed plan          Picture 2: Alex with one of the village Elder discussing the Project

 for building the Academy September 2009


picture 3: Alex with some to the men who survived the war                


Picture 5: I have shipped 30 pairs of shoe to those women of             picture 6: Alex standing by the Primary school in Nge Kidi Village

Paibwo village, Kitgum, Uganda

  Working with homeless people in UK          

FPP Tractor Project (for Africa) at Homeless People's Hostel London UK 2010                FPP IT Training at Bridge Community centre London 2010



In the picture: Some of the ex-homeless participants of the 12-week Hands-on-Learning course in London - July 2010. 
Update 2014: All people except 3 in this picture are now working. Thanks to the training offered by FPP.