•  Mission statement
  • To work with marginalized people of any and no faith in both England and Northern Uganda(IPD). 
  • FPP will providing opportunities for people to learn through experience
  • FPP will involve people in collective effort so that they gain confidence and new abilities.
  • FPP will encourage people in a community through collective effort to take part and develop their own potential.
  •  FPP will work with people who share social and economic disadvantages. The groups who share that disadvantage by virtue of living in the same geographical area (a ‘geographical community’).Or they may share it because they have something else in common, such as a disability or membership of a particular ethnic group (a ‘community of interest’).

In the Picture: Children with donations including medicine, toys and sports equipment. November 2013.

In Picture: Children with one of the three teachers in classroom.

Giving them a Future through Education

  • CEO and Founder Forgotten People's Project - Alex Latim BSc (Hons) Business Information System and Diploma Agriculture