The Forgotten People's Project is a Christian-based charity that works  with marginalized people of all and no faith in both England and Uganda (Registered in Uganda as a Community Based Organisation).

Our Vision

"We strongly believe that Africa will be transformed by Africans".


We will continue to involving the communities in every thing we do.

Picture: Alex with some of the children and teachers in front of a temporary classroom in Nge Kidi, Kitgum, Uganda, Nov-2013

More than 1.2 million people were forced to leave their homes.  Many people have little or no access to proper medical care. Education has been disrupted. Some people have now returned to homes but other are still residing at the camp because they lack confidence in themselves and their situation.

Looking back in the picture above: Nursery staff at Nge Kidi Nursery School

Picture: some of the children in Paibwo village. Most of them do not have school uniform to go to school. They were wearing their Sunday best  We have opened a  Day Nursery School, where 105 children are attending classes